We dig into the details, read the fine print, and find solutions driven by science, not just industry bias. Go beyond copying your competitors.


Think of your family doctor, but for ships. We explain our approach and results in plain language. We listen to your experience and customize our engineering to match.


We frame ships in the context of business. Use your ship as an investment to achieve better profits in the future.


We draw experience from multiple maritime segments: offshore, fishing, passenger vessel, cargo, etc. This yields flexible and creative solutions that change the game for your business.

Small Business Needs an Edge

With the competitive market, you need something extra to differentiate yourself. Stand out from the crowd. For small ship operators, this may mean improved crew accommodations, high speed service, ice class ships, hydrofoils . . . the list goes on. We call this high performance design. Creating a ship with something extra to get you noticed.

DMS applies high performance to smaller ships and smaller companies, where we provide the greatest benefit. We enrich our Clients by linking business goals to actionable, science backed solutions. Our approach is to utilize our deep understanding of marine architecture, specialized numerical simulation software and advanced engineering practices to deliver the most cost-effective, unique results.

DMS is changing ship design for smaller operators by putting business goals first and focusing on higher ROI for your greatest asset: the ship. We help you stand out from your competitors. DMS brings big science to smaller ships.

Some of our services

At DMS, we employ a variety of engineering tools to create solutions for you. Here are some examples.

Achieve More Today

We think differently about the marine industry and consider how ship design directly aligns with business goals and desired results. We translate your goals into engineering and science-backed designs focused on functionality.  The net result is increased function and longevity for your vessel.

We actively listen and convert your business goals into specific engineering plans. This goes into planning for the future. A better understanding of the engineering behind your design limitations helps to discover potential opportunities to improve vessel operations . . .